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In Celebration of Charlie Wood

June 19, 2012

     It is with sad hearts that news of the passing of Charlie Wood has reached us. Charlie was such a large part of the KCWC and was considered the "grandfather" of the club. He always had a smile and a way of making you feel special. Charlie paddled every type of water craft including kayak, canoe (solo and tandem), rafts, catarafts and more.   After his retirement and move to Moab, Utah, he continued to pursue his outdoor interests and paddled a river as often as he could.  There will be a celebration of Charlie's life in the near future both in Moab and at a gathering in KC.  When dates are known, they will be posted.  One of Charlie's articles appears on this website and if you didn't know Charlie, you will after you read his article. This is not the official title of his article, but the link below is how I will always think of Charlie: 

I AM the Captain of My Ship.  


The Dynamic Duo running Hell Hole on the Ocoee River

Charlie and Marcia Wood

Indian Creek Story


The KCWC...since 1985!

The Kansas City Whitewater Club was established around 1985 by a group of local paddling enthusiasts interested in sharing their skills and adventures with other paddlers. You will see we have a serious dedication to the paddling world but we also have a sense of humor.  



Arkansas River Level near Nathrop, CO


Tiffany Phillips and Emma Medill on the Deso-Gray section of the Green River in Utah.



Scott and Jill Medill eating lunch at the Ruby Mountain stop on the Arkansas River.


Craig Geary steering a dunnage raft on the Arkansas River.


John and Richard Gramza on the Parkdale Run.


Blaine Phillips in Zoom Flume on the Arkansas River.


T. J. Hittle running Kitchen Sink Rapid on Bear Trap Canyon, Montana (Class V)





 It's time to paddle!!


Check on the levels of the Saint Francis and other Ozark streams.


Ozark River levels 



Notes from Charlie in Utah

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Boof or Consequences by Jim Burton



  The ACA is dedicated to teaching people how to safely handle canoes and kayaks and certifies paddlers to become canoe, kayak, and swiftwater rescue instructors. 






American Whitewater is an organization dedicated to providing paddlers legal access to rivers, environmental stewartship, and the most advanced water safety information in the world.